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Wake Up with Pleiadian Great Light!

Words fall short to describe my experiences channeling Pleiadian Great Light...other than to say that it is the work that I came here to do. It leaves nothing out of the feeling of who I am and I my heart spills out in big and little ripples. I am grateful beyond words.


This work is rich with the unfamiliar and may seem a bit esoteric at first glance but the messages are filled with purpose and encourage everyone to be grounded and connected within the safe boundaries of the real physical body.


Having said that, let me express just a little bit about Pleiadian Great Light.


The name directly reflects a big universal space filled with life-affirming Pleiadian energy and origination soul light that "amps" up a sentient being's own sense of being awake to their purpose and unique soul light. 

Even though the Pleiadians exist a long way away and do not have  physical forms to look at, their universal energies existed before the earth was created. Pleiadian Great Light and other Pleiadians were instrumental in getting humanity "up and running" (lightbody included) in this Creator's universe.


Pleiadian energy vibrates now and is crucial to the experience of who we are on an energetic level because we can't be thinking that we're somewhere else and find ourselves here and now at the same time.  But we can  all experience NOW through experiencing our own sense of energy moving throughout the physical body, emotions, deeper energy centers, chakra systems and your Lightbody work.


When Pleiadian Great Light spoke and taught, it was like being immersed in an energy bath that warmed the heart and soul with awake energy, "nudging" each person to say more deeply about who it is they have come here to be known as.


Pleiadian Great Light gave out the precise mechanics of what it means to be a real human being and how the lightbody works- it was all done with words that evoked feelings and self-discovery.


Pleiadian Great Light described healing soul work as the most challenging work to be done and gave out somatic-based skills, non-technique techniques, detailed the angel realm and other forms of life in the universe, "un-packed" cultural beliefs, sutras, mantra-based meditation, popular beliefs about life, outlined the presence of demons, described a new psychology, emphasized grounded emotional work, explained transference as a choice, gave the process to de-activate the tape loops of the mind's eye view of things, used non-color coding of the chakras, gave vortex energy work, encouraged the use of metaphors to replace exhausting and repetitive mental scripts, offered guided journeys for the nervous system and so much more...

Visit the blogs and podcasts whenever you want to move your energy and anchor in more soul light.

Be Well...your heart is always sending the message:  A-OK...A-OK...A-OK...with each beat of your heart...remember to breath deeply from the navel whenever you feel to...take it a little are here for a reason and that reason is YOU!

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